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Dear Students/Parents
Finding an apt and affordable B-School is indeed an intimidating errant. It becomes very intricate to decide just the right/most suitable one for a student. Not in all the cases you rely completely upon the word of mouth recommendation made by someone. I personally have seen/experienced that many a aspirants spend two to three years only in choosing the right college.

We have expertise in catering to the needs of individual students. I can guarantee that the students/parent with whom we counsel will begin to realize the idea that they find the right kind of B-School much more quickly without compromising the quality of education a college provide depending on their budget.

As your child mentor we shall be working regularly through a one-on-one custom-designed counseling program specifically geared towards enhancing your child’s strengths, addressing your child’s weakness and increasing your child’s confidence. We shall be available at any mutually convenient time in order to provide you with meaningful feedback on your child’s progress.

I am proud of all the students we have guided for top universities and now they are guiding/driving a company.

Mukti Man Lama
Managing Director
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