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Creating a successful Educational Consultancy is challenging and very fulfilling proposition as one become a counselor and provide counseling services to the prospective students thus helping them to achieve their goals in life. The Global Education is a pioneer in the field of Education Consultancy which has been a pace setting institution ever since its inception. Our well admitted students to various colleges in various countries are our greatest assets. We comprise of Experienced, loving and Sincere staff.

Our Major focus has always been to provide the best consultancy to the students. Each student is promised individual attention and ample opportunities to explore the world outside his/her prescribed domain. We assure that once out of college, the student will not face the difficulty of getting admission in any university/college which matches his/her competencies and skills. For this, we take utmost care of screening the colleges/universities which matches the abilities of the students. We are blessed with highly effective college representatives to guide us about the updates in their respective college. To counsel, discover, and innovate, one must be enthusiastic, enterprising and creative. Our aim is to share our passion for counseling through an education that is firmly anchored initiative and open-mindedness.

Our strength lies in our commitment to finding effective sound solutions for our students. Student satisfaction remains our foremost priority. Because of this commitment we continue to consistently expand and provide ever more integrated Consulting Services. Our success is built on the service provided by an Exceptional and Highly qualified staff – one that is enthusiastic and dedicated to listening to its students and responding to their specific needs. Not only does our company offer services and solutions for the present, but our sights – and sense responsibility – remain firmly focused on the future.

Only Educational Consultancy in Nepal Working in venture with Australian Company.
• Delivering an unbiased, precise and high quality services to its Students.
• The Centre that provides complete knowledge/services to aspirant’s choice college.
• Regular assessment by expert team about the performance of colleges/universities in Australia.
• Furnishing correct and valid information to students.
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Introduction of New Student Visa Policy for Australia
New simplified student visa framework (SSVF) due to be implemented from mid 2016
Global Education is now ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor (ITAC 0910)
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Global Education is now Education New Zealand Trained Agent
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